A Young Carer is a young person aged 18 or under who looks after a mum, dad, brother, sister or other relative who is disabled, ill, has mental ill health or a drug or alcohol problem, providing help with tasks usually done by an adult.

Look out for details of the first Young Carers Group meeting at Forest Hill School
- coming soon

Young Carers

Young Carers:
Children and Young People Under 18
Who Care

Is a member of your family sick or ill?  Do you have to do lots around the home to help?  Do you worry about them all the time?  Are you having problems at school because of your worries?  Would you like someone to talk to?

You may be a Young Carer.

Would you like to meet other kids who have similar problems to you?  Or would you like some advice and support?

Ask to speak to Mr Pinard in school or email him at

Look out for information about the first Young Carers Group meeting later this month.

You can find useful information about caring and Young Carers at the following websites: