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  • Cashless Catering

    Cashless Catering
    1st January 2017

    We are introducing cashless catering to Forest Hill School after the Easter holiday .... Read More

  • Joe Gomez Tipped for the Top

    Joe Gomez Tipped for the Top
    7th September 2016

    Former Forest Hill School student Joe Gomez has been featured in a newspaper article, tipped for success at Liverpool FC .... Read More

  • RBS Six Nations Trophy

    RBS Six Nations Trophy
    5th September 2016

    It was a huge honour and a privilege to be selected to have a visit from the RBS Six Nations trophy and the Triple Crown ... Read More

  • Young Entrepreneurs

    Young Entrepreneurs
    4th September 2016

    GCSE Business and Economics students took part in a social enterprise education challenge in the summer term and made a 500% profit selling ethical goods ... Read More

  • Discovering Democracy

    Discovering Democracy
    4th September 2016

    Forest Hill School is one of only 64 schools in the country to have been awarded the Discovering Democracy Award .... Read More