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“The Governors know the school extremely well and are highly effective in challenging the staff to raise standards even further” Ofsted 2013

Governor Section

Forest Hill School Governing Board

Meet the Governors

Forest Hill School has eighteen governors including the head teacher Mr Sullivan.  We represent parents, school staff, the local community and the education authority.  We give our time voluntarily, working together to bring a range of outside knowledge and skills to the school.  We all support the core values and ethos of the school.    

As governors, we are responsible for:

·         Ensuring the school delivers high quality education to all students.

·         Recognizing and celebrating the schools strengths.

·         Monitoring pupil progress and achievement using current data.

·         Supporting the head teacher and senior leadership team in identifying where the school is not performing as well as it could, and challenging them where necessary.

·         Overseeing the school budget including pupil premium funding.

·         Appointing the head teacher.

We work together as a team with shared responsibilities - Governors never make decisions on their own, nor do they act as individuals. 

The full governing board, chaired by Dr. John Perry, meets twice a term.   Our clerk Karen O’Brien distributes the agenda, takes the minutes and ensures we are complying with our statutory requirements.   Key responsibilities are delegated to the following committees:

The Management committee chaired by Irene Hickford

The Learning and Achievement committee chaired by Patrick Mcmorrow

The Special Educational Needs committee chaired by John Perry

Other committees (such as the Pupil Discipline committee) meet as necessary. 

The NGA Code of Conduct for School Governing Boards sets out the expectations on and commitment required from school governors. 
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